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We buy PREMIUM HEATING OIL in bulk and pass on the savings to you. We work with local terminals to obtain premium heating oil at a discounted price, and pass these savings on to you.

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In addition to providing you with discount home heating oil prices we also want you to have a convenient and safe shopping experience. If there’s any problem with your order, we’ll resolve it right away. And we’ll never ask you to store your credit card information on our servers – all cards are processed offline and never stored, ensuring that your credit card information can NEVER be stolen.

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We work with many established and trusted local small businesses to provide you with high quality products and services. Whatever the weather, the time, and even in the worst winter storms, we promise to do our best to deliver oil to you.

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Discount Fuel and Home Heating Oil Delivery Near Me on Long Island

Home heating oil delivery on Long island near me

If you’re looking for home heating oil delivery on Long Island, please check our prices first – we have discount fuel with unbeatable prices. The heating oil we sell on is high quality oil. We do not sell low-quality oil unlike some other discount suppliers! Beware of oil companies that offer extremely low prices – that could only mean one thing: the oil they are selling is not of good quality and was probably obtained from some unreputable source. Sure, you may save a few dollars but most likely this type of oil will end up clogging your system and you would need burner service. Order home heating oil delivery only from suppliers that buy their oil from terminals, and not from unknown sources. When determining where to order your heating oil, consider not only the oil prices but also the quality of fuel oil you’ll receive.

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COD Oil Long Island NY

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Home Heating Oil Is Cheap
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Home Heating Oil Prices Explained – How COD Oil Prices Are Determined

Heating oil is a popular petroleum product used to warm over 8 million homes in the United States alone. Throughout the years, the price of this heating fuel has been known to fluctuate. However it is during the winter that the demand for heating oil is at its peak. This is especially true for residential customers in the Northeast.

There are many factors that combine to determine the prices of heating oil. Some of these factors include the costs of crude oil, production, marketing,Home-Heating-Oil-Prices-Long-island manufacturing, distribution, and more. We provide current cod oil Long Island prices. These prices fluctuate for many reasons like:

Heating Oil Delivery for Long island, NY

1. Seasonal demand- The demand for heating oil changes based on the season. Generally, the demand is highest during the winter where at least 650 gallons are expected to be consumed by residential customers.

2. Change in the price of crude oil- A huge determinant, probably the biggest, in the cost of heating oil is the price of crude oil.

3. Competition in the local market- Most local markets do not offer their customers a variety of heating oil providers to choose from. Due to this lack of choice, customers in remote and/or rural areas usually end up paying higher heating oil prices than their city dwelling counterparts.

For more information please visit US Energy Information

Home heating oil prices reduced – 7 tips for lowering your heating oil bill this season

Winters in New York can be very chilly and residents consume a high amount of heating oil. Because of the extremely cold winter temperatures in this state, New Yorkers are always on the look out for ways to reduce this heavy financial burden. Thankfully, there are many ways to help reduce the cost of heating oil. Some of the ways to save money on your heating utility bill include:

1. Keep vents closed- Keeping the vents closed in your home will help conserve precious heat during the winter. Following this step will reduce your heating bills in Long Island.

2. Make sure your home is properly insulated- Have a qualified inspector test your home to make sure that it has been properly insulated. If your home is improperly insulated, it can cause your heating bills to increase. However, if your home is lacking, when it comes to insulation, then ask the inspector for a complete list of any issues that need to be taken care of and an estimate of the costs of the repairs. Investing in these home improvements will help you save money on your heating oil bill this winter.

3. Service your heater- During the fall and summer months, it is advisable that you have a contractor test your heating system. A heating system that is working efficiently will help you save money on heating costs

4. Lower the temperature of your heater- Most heaters are set to 140 degrees which is water’s boiling point. Make sure that your water heater’s temperature is set to 120 degrees to ensure that your unit is working at its most efficient and to save money on your heating costs this winter. In addition, lowering the temperature of your water heater will prevent you from being scalded when taking showers or cooking and will go a long way in helping you minimize your New York state heating bill.

5. Replace your windows- The old single pane windows that are found in many houses are usually the culprit for a home losing heat. Invest in the newer, higher efficiency windows to help you save up to 40% on heating costs. It is best to purchase the heavy duty storm windows to receive the most benefit.

6. Insulate your water heater- An insulation jacket for your system will help trap heating energy which will help save you money on your NY utility bills.

7. Turn off exhaust fans after use- When you have finished cooking or using the bathroom, be sure to turn of the exhaust fans in these rooms as soon as possible. Because this units utilize outside air, they use up a lot of energy. To prevent this from happening, invest in a newer, higher efficiency model.

Heating Oil & Commodities Prices and Trends 2015