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Current Oil Prices Trends and Forecast


Since the end of February, prices of crude oil started to recover slightly, and for the first time in about two years rose just to the point where these had been in late Summer of 2015. This is still far below the average oil price of 2014.

Are […]

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Analyzing the March Oil Rally

Source: CNBC

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Oil continues rally but analysts remain pessimistic


Oil prices continue to rally after hitting lows in February due to a mild winter. The Financial Post reports that benchmark West Texas Intermediate rose 46 percent since mid-February and finished last week near the $40 per barrel threshold. Analysts, however, remain pessimistic that the recent oil price rally will hold.

The pessimism is not […]

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5 Ways to Keep Your Heating Oil Costs Down in 2016 and Beyond

Prices of crude oil, as well as of crude oil in general, have been very low throughout the most time in 2015. However, there are some things which you can do on your own to save even more now, and once when oil prices start to recover from current lows.

Invest in good equipment and maintenance


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Slomin’s Oil Customer Reviews Summary

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Slomin’s is a heating oil delivery company which points out their long history. Unlike most other oil heat deliveries, Slomin’s is a diversified home-related services provider, and heating oil is just one part of their […]

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Update on Oil Price Rally

Source: CNBC

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The Benefits of Oil Heat

Home Heating Oil Is Cheap

Oil heat price depends on the wholesale price of crude oil. Currently, crude prices are at a six years’ minimum or at least very close to it, which certainly drove oil heat prices down. Prices of natuiral gas have also dropped, but not to that extent as heating oil did. Also, […]

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The Outlook for Oil Prices Remains Weak

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Why You Should Steer Clear Of Contracts

In the modern world, most consumers strive to get complete and turnkey solutions, believing that this approach will save them time and in a long run, money. However, not all turnkey solutions are ideal for your budget. Some solutions would better be taken separately, as benefits are minute compared to what you may lose.


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Smart Thermostats: What Are They and Do You Really Need One


When we think of heating and cooling systems, we don’t normally associate them with smart technology. In the past few years, however, there’s been a major change in how we can control the temperature in our homes with the help of smart thermostats. So how do you […]

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