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Automatic Delivery FAQs

Q: How does Automatic Delivery work?

Automatic delivery means that HeatingOilExpress will automatically determine when you need fuel oil by using degree day monitoring. You do not need to worry about scheduling a delivery, we will automatically arrange a fuel oil delivery efficiently and as needed which would prevent running out of oil.

Q: How do I sign up for Automatic Delivery?

Just click here to fill out the Delivery Authorization Form and you’ll be contacted shortly after by our staff to work out the details.

Q: What does the Automatic Delivery option cost?

Our Automatic Delivery option is a free service, meaning you only pay for the heating oil you receive – there are no extra fees or charges. Your heating oil price is based on the COD oil price for the day your delivery is scheduled.

Q: How does Automatic Delivery help me save money?

In addition to providing you with the convenience of monitoring your fuel oil levels for you and ensuring you don’t run out of oil, we also closely monitor the oil market and schedule your delivery when prices are lowest within the time period you need a delivery.

Q: Who will deliver my oil?

Your heating oil will be delivered by one of our local, pre-screened suppliers. You will be provided with a meter-certified receipt for each delivery.

Q: How do I pay for my automatic deliveries?

When you sign up we’ll also ask you to provide us with your credit card and we’ll charge you on the day of oil delivery for the number of gallons your oil tank takes.

Q: What is the difference between “automatic” delivery and “will call”?

With automatic delivery you don’t need to worry about checking the oil level in your tank – we monitor it for you and schedule your delivery when you need it. A will call delivery is when you schedule your deliveries yourself.