Be prepared for the cold season!
Winter weather preparedness tips

With another cold season fast approaching it’s important to have your heating system in top condition and ready to go.

Here are some tips to help you get ready for this winter:

1. Test your heating system in advance. In other words, don’t wait till it’s freezing outside to test if everything works! Here are the steps to DIY heating system testing.

2. Get an annual tune-up – this will ensure your burner operates at maximum efficiency, and help identify any issues with your burner.

3. Inspect your oil tank – make sure there are no leaks

4. Insulate drafty windows and doors to keep heat from escaping

Important steps for preparedness during the cold season:

  1. Always keep track of the heating oil level in your tank

During cold weather you may use around 5-6 gallons of oil for an average size home. Never let your tank go below ¼ empty before ordering fuel oil. Order as early as possible to avoid running out, especially when temperatures are freezing. Remember, heating oil companies are very busy during the winter season so delivery times may take longer.

  1. Clear a path to your oil fill

snow_shovelingWhen it snows, make sure you’ve cleared a path to your fill before the delivery truck gets there and if possible, mark the location of your oil fill so the driver can easily find it.

  1. Keep your driveway clear of ice and snow

If the driver needs to pull in your driveway please make sure it’s clear of ice and snow or he may not be able to deliver your oil. Safety always comes first!

  1. What to do If you run out of oil

If you know you will run out of oil before delivery you can put 5-10 gallons of diesel or kerosene in your oil tank to prevent completely running out. 5 gallons should get you through one day of cold weather. Both diesel and kerosene are safe to use in your oil burner and will keep you warm until delivery.