How to get NY Tax Credit for Biofuel

BioheatThe New York State is a pioneer in giving tax incentives for those who use biofuel blends such as Bioheat for their home heating. New York Clean Heating Fuel Tax Credit gives households a chance to make saves, but what’s more important is saving the environment and […]

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Home heating oil vs Biofuel – which is better to use?

Fuel oil your heating system uses is a special kind of diesel fuel adjusted to long term use in home burners, making it different from diesel fuel used to power road vehicles. Since there is also biodiesel – fuel made from oil-rich plants, it’s easy to assume that the same can be adjusted for use […]

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What is Biofuel

Have you ever heard of biofuel for transport and other related usage? Have you even tried to promote its campaign for wider exposure to various consumers and potential customers worldwide? What exactly is biofuel and how does it help to maintain a green refreshed environment?

Biofuel characteristics and uses

Biofuel is simply a kind of fuel that is […]

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