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The Benefits of Oil Heat

Home Heating Oil Is Cheap

Oil heat price depends on the wholesale price of crude oil. Currently, crude prices are at a six years’ minimum or at least very close to it, which certainly drove oil heat prices down. Prices of natuiral gas have also dropped, but not to that extent as heating oil did. Also, […]

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Why You Should Steer Clear Of Contracts

In the modern world, most consumers strive to get complete and turnkey solutions, believing that this approach will save them time and in a long run, money. However, not all turnkey solutions are ideal for your budget. Some solutions would better be taken separately, as benefits are minute compared to what you may lose.


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The Overheated Heating Oil Market

During late fall and winter heating oil is a worry for most households in the Northeast. The price you pay if you opt for COD oil is a result of primarily crude oil wholesale price, but it also reflects some considerations of the local market: level of inventories at each supplier, changes in demand caused […]

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Stocking Up: Heating Oil For The Winter

Stocking up has been a widely used technique for saving money on seasonal difference in the price. Just like any other good, heating oil is price-sensitive to demand, which normally peaks during the cold period of the year, to dramatically fall during spring and summer.

Stocking means that you order oil during the summer when the […]

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3 Ways to Keep Your Heating Oil Costs Down in 2016 and Beyond

Prices of home heating oil oil, as well as of crude oil in general, have been very low throughout 2015. However, there are some things which you can do on your own to save even more now, and once when oil prices start to recover from current lows.

Invest in good equipment and maintenance


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How to get NY Tax Credit for Biofuel

BioheatThe New York State is a pioneer in giving tax incentives for those who use biofuel blends such as Bioheat for their home heating. New York Clean Heating Fuel Tax Credit gives households a chance to make saves, but what’s more important is saving the environment and […]

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How to find cheap heating oil in Rokonkoma, NY 11779

heating oil delivery in Ronkonkoma NY 11779Heating oil is the best heating option for your home. If you chose Cash on Delivery (COD) you will be able to harness from these current very low prices and make substantial saves on your heating expenses. Currently COD heating oil […]

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Types of Energy Used in US households

Energy Americans use today for heating, driving, lighting, cooking, entertainment and other needs comes from a broad variety of sources. Market of fuels is very diversified, and it applies to both power generation industry and residential heating.

Petroleum is America’s leading source of energy, and according to Energy Information Administration (EIA) it had a […]

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Heating Oil Buying Options

In this post we’ll review all the different heating oil buying options including COD oil delivery, automatic delivery and contracts. Heating oil is delivered to customers by truck, which allows consumers to choose among several different ways to order and pay for it. There are three main ways to get home heating oil: will-call cash on […]

Heating and Energy Assistance Programs on Long Island

Costs of energy, especially heating, may represent a real burden for families on a budget. Families with middle or low income, or residents who encounter economic hardships, such as recent layoffs, bereavement and similar life events that can drastically lower their household income, may take advantage of a number of government- and non-government-funded initiatives to […]

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