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Heating oil explained – everything you need to know about oil heat


Heating oil is a diesel fuel designed for use in home oil burners, furnaces and boilers. It is basically the same fuel which powers some cars, most large trucks, busses and trains. However, heating oil is spent in greater amounts, and for its economic use needs to be tax-exempt. To tell it […]

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Cost-effective options for heating your home

home-heating-options-Long_IslandIf you plan to move to a new home on Long Island or just want to reconsider to switch from one heating option to another you would like to know which ways of heating are the most cost-effective. Here are three ways to heat your home which […]

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How much heating oil am I using – calculate fuel oil consumption

Estimating how much heating oil you use may not be a simple calculation, as many variables are taken into account – size of your house, its actual heated area, quality of insulation, condition of your heating equipment, room layout, time spent at home, outside temperature and of course – one’s own feeling of “warm”  which can […]

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Should you switch from home heating oil to natural gas

Switching from one way of heating to another has never been an easy task It always needs to change the burner, furnace or even more equipment, no matter what was your previous choice nor what you switch to. You should also need to adopt new techniques to assess consumption of your new fuel, way of […]

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Discount Heating Oil For Less – Cheap COD Oil on Long Island


If you are looking to lower your utility bills, then you should take a close look at at your heating oil provider. The price of heating oil, although somewhat erratic, has been steadily dropping since January 2010. There are many oil companies on Long Island that claim to offer the […]

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Heating oil tank sizes

In the U.S residential heating oil tanks sizes are usually 275 gallons, 300 gallons, 330 gallons, 500 gallons, 550 gallons and 1000 gallons

There is no huge price difference or installing cost between small 275 gallons tank and 1000 gallon tank. We suggest home owners to use 1000 gallons tank so during low Home […]

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Home heating Oil Energy Saving Tips

Years of experience in selling Home heating and being a home owner made us expert on knowing how to save energy during winter please read below and apply these steps in your own house to save up tp %20 cents saving meaning in today’s $3.50 a gallon average $0.70 saving per home heating oil […]