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Contracts, Fixed Prices, Price Cap, COD Oil – Heating Oil Buying Options Explained


Before each season, oil heat delivery companies determine a fixed price or a price margin for locked-in oil price contracts. Fixed price means you’ll be paying the same oil price throughout the year, regardless of the market conditions. If oil prices go up or down, your price […]

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10 Tips for Saving Energy and Money Year Round


While major energy saving is achieved through major investments in equipment such as high efficiency furnaces, air conditioners and other devices, we can achieve additional savings by implementing small changes in our homes.

1. Replace your bulbs with LED ones. LED bulbs may have a higher initial cost, but […]

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Program your Thermostat to Save Money and Increase Comfort


Programmable Thermostats were invented to work as the brain of heating and cooling systems. Today, almost all heating and cooling devices are equipped with a thermostat. First thermostats were analog, which basically had a single function – to turn off the heating or cooling device once the […]

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AC Troubleshooting Tips


As the warm part of the year approaches, it’s time to start thinking about our AC systems. Before putting these to work, you should first check your air conditioning system for five common issues which can be easily fixed if detected on time. offers ac tune-ups […]

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Smart Thermostats: What Are They and Do You Really Need One


When we think of heating and cooling systems, we don’t normally associate them with smart technology. In the past few years, however, there’s been a major change in how we can control the temperature in our homes with the help of smart thermostats. So how do you […]

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Properly Insulating Your Home To Avoid Wasting Energy

home insulation

More and more people want to start helping the environment while saving energy and money on heating and cooling bills. The basics of saving energy at home are rather simple and there are many easy things you can do right now to help you save. Making […]

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Is it cheaper to heat with natural gas or oil heat?


Oil prices have remained very low for months, making oil heat the cheapest option around. Before oil prices dropped sharply in early 2015, natural gas was somewhat cheaper than oil heat. However, this calculation needs to be made carefully, since fuel is not the only heat-related […]

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Tips on Lowering Your Energy Bill

Regardless of the fact that heating oil prices are the lowest they’ve been in years, it’s still great to save even more on your energy bills.

Here are some tips on how to reduce your energy expenses quickly, without much effort and large investments.

  1. Switch to LED bulbs

Although light emitting diodes (LED) are present […]

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Renewable Energy – What You Need to Know

For the last 200 years, since the invention of steam power, all the technological and economic growth is narrowly tied with energy consumption. There are many ways by which humanity harnesses needed energy, and most energy sources can be divided by their value, potential, availability and cost of conversion into usable energy. However, in the scope […]

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Saving Money With Regular HVAC Maintenance

Most HVAC equipment requires certain maintenance tasks to keep it working in top condition. Issues arising from irregular or improper heating system maintenance do not typically occur quickly and take some time to develop. Sometimes, consumers are lucky that their new heating and air conditioning equipment runs for months or even years without any maintenance. […]

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