Energy Efficiency

How to Keep Your Home Air-tight This Winter

Good thermal insulation is the key to high comfort and saving money. To keep your home air-tight you can do some basic things. Some are major and can require hundreds of dollars, while others can be very easy to achieve and cost pocket money. All these measures will pay back over a certain period of […]

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Understanding Furnace Efficiency Ratings And AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)

Efficiency is the key property of all furnaces. It shows how much of the energy from the fuel the furnace is able to turn into heat and deliver to your home. This will further determine how much fuel of any type you will need to have the desired temperature in your home over a heating […]

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How To Winterize Your Home

Although heating oil prices are lower than ever, it still pays off to have your home winterized for even more savings. Even though winter may seem far off, it’s best to start planning for it earlier rather than later. Preparing your home for the winter means paving the road for considerable savings in the future. […]

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Smart Thermostats – What Are They and How They Work

Smart thermostats are devices that help regulate the temperature, humidity, ionization and other features of our home air, and can be communicated with over the Internet, so once we are back from a long trip amidst a freezing weather we can get into a perfectly warm den.

Smart thermostats can be personalized to reflect our habits […]

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How to Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing

All pipes in our homes are made of thick materials such as metal or hard plastic. When water, oil, or any other liquid found in these pipes reaches its freezing point, its structure abruptly changes. Water turns into solid crystal ice, while oil turns into gel, and wax separates from it before starting to turn […]

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How to Make Your Furnace Burn Less Oil

Oil heating systems have always been renowned for their durability when compared to natural gas, propane, electric and other heating systems. However, as any equipment they require frequent and scheduled maintenance to achieve a long lasting and reliable operation with high efficiency levels. Well-maintained furnace and other devices in your system will also help you […]

How to prime your oil burner

Although it is highly recommended not to burn all of the oil in your tank and run out, many users forget to order oil until their tanks are almost empty. Even if you make timely orders, sometimes you may still run out of heating oil. When that happens, it’s highly likely that your oil lines […]