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5 Ways to Keep Your Heating Oil Costs Down in 2016 and Beyond

Prices of crude oil, as well as of crude oil in general, have been very low throughout the most time in 2015. However, there are some things which you can do on your own to save even more now, and once when oil prices start to recover from current lows.

Invest in good equipment and maintenance


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Home Heating Oil: The Facts And the Fiction

Over the years, many people have switched from heating oil to natural gas or even electric heating due to believing in some common myths about oil heat. Today, we can clearly see that these myths have proven wrong and most of these claims have been debunked and proven erroneous.

Myth #1: Heating Oil is not economically […]

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Domestic Heating Oil Prices: What Factors Affect the Price of Your Home Heating Oil?

There are many things that determine the price of domestic heating oil you pay.

  1. Market oil prices

Market oil prices are a major factor which drives oil prics up and down. Many things influence price changes for crude oil- major crude oil price determinant is supply and demand ratio. With global economic growth both supply and demand […]

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Heating Oil vs Propane for Home Heating

From a consumer’s perspective, propane and heating oil may have many similarities. Both are delivered by truck and stored in tanks, both are liquid and burn well, without waste. There are however major differences between the two when it comes to heating your home.

propane_tankPropane was […]

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Project Warmth Overview – Heating Bills Assistance for Long Islanders

Despite the fact that Long Island is considered one of the wealthiest regions in the US, there is a problem of underlying suburban poverty. Overall wealth of the community masks the fact that there are many people who struggle to make ends meet. Federal, state and county authorities have developed a series of fuel and […]

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8 Facts About Heating Oil

Over the last decade a lot of homeowners switched from heating oil to other fuels, predominantly natural gas.  Most have been lured to natural gas through the notion of cheaper prices. While some of these praises and tales about natural gas advantages were actually true 25 years ago, things have changed a lot and today […]

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How to Apply for Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) on Long Island

Thousands of New York residents struggle to make ends meet every month. Knowing that to fund heating is one of the major annual expenses all New York households have to think about, the state government offers several HEAP programs to assist those with financial difficulties with their huel oil needs or heating-related repairs.


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8 Heating Oil Myths Revealed

What type of heating system to use in your home is one of the most important decisions for a homeowner. Once installed, a system can’t be altered cheaply, and for years the system replacement will be much more expensive than keeping the existing one. People have recently been massively switching from heating oil to natural […]

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Getting Started with Oil Heat – What Every New Homeowner Should Know

oil furnace technician Long IslandYou just moved to a new home which has an oil furnace, and you never had an oil furnace before. Here are some things you need to know about oil heat.

  • Heating oil is one of the most effective ways to heat your home. […]

Heating Oil Buying Options

In this post we’ll review all the different heating oil buying options including COD oil delivery, automatic delivery and contracts. Heating oil is delivered to customers by truck, which allows consumers to choose among several different ways to order and pay for it. There are three main ways to get home heating oil: will-call cash on […]