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How does COD oil delivery on Long Island work?

Cash on Delivery (COD) is a heating oil delivery option where you pay for your order to the driver at the time of delivery. COD is one of the most cost-effective ways to buy home heating oil, as majority of oil suppliers will give you a great rate. The term “cash” here is relative, as […]

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C.O.D. Fuel Oil or Delivery Contract – Pros and Cons

If your home is fuel oil heated, you should know that there are two options to pay for delivered fuel: Cash on Delivery (COD) or delivery contract. There are many types of contracts available. Some include “complete” solutions which may include maintenance and repair of your furnace when needed and automatic delivery where you basically receive oil […]

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Home heating oil vs Biofuel – which is better to use?

Fuel oil your heating system uses is a special kind of diesel fuel adjusted to long term use in home burners, making it different from diesel fuel used to power road vehicles. Since there is also biodiesel – fuel made from oil-rich plants, it’s easy to assume that the same can be adjusted for use […]

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How long will my heating oil last

How long your heating oil would last depends on many conditions: size of your home, its layout, thermal insulation quality  and of course – weather which is highly unpredictable over a long period. Add to that the condition of your furnace, valves and other installations. Add to that that not everyone has the same perception […]

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Using home heating oil to heat your home – facts and myths about fuel oil

automatic heating oil delivery long islandWe live in a time which is heavily influenced by technological advancement. This also goes for heating technologies. Today there is a great array of heating solutions for your home which consume various fuels. But this doesn’t mean that the latest is […]

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How to measure how much heating oil you have in your tank

Measuring the current amount of heating oil in tank is one of most common issues  with oil heating systems. Measuring is needed not just because you want to know when is needed to buy more oil. You should know the amount of oil remaining to prevent your heating system breakage due to running out of […]

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K-factor and Degree Day Systems


K-factor is a number showing how fast a consumer uses fuel. Think of a k-factor as gallons per degree day, similar to miles per gallon. Please use the calculator below to find out what your k-factor is:

The K-factor is calculated by dividing the number of degree days […]

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