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Should You Remove Your Oil Tank If No Longer In Use

Many people have recently switched from fuel oil heating to natural gas. Even though they did so, many of them still keep obsolete furnaces, boilers and fuel tanks in their homes. Some people may think they don’t have to remove their old oil tanks but what they need to know is that an unused furnace or […]

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Indoor vs Outdoor Heating Oil Tank

Your heating oil tank contains your home’s inventory of oil heat energy. If we keep it simple we should say that the bigger the tank is, the better. Indeed, having a large tank allows you to better manage your heating oil resources and even save some money. But the size itself is not the only […]

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DIY Oil Filter Replacement – How to Replace an Oil Filter for Your Oil-Fired Furnace or Boiler

Oil filter is a very important part of your oil heat systems. It stops all particles that can be found in the oil, preventing the nozzle from clogging. These filters work almost the same as oil or gas filters in your car, which prevent the engine from damage due to impurities in the fuel. To […]

What’s a Waste Oil Burner and How to Use It

A waste oil burner is a type of heating system that turns used oil into thermal energy or heat. Waste oil burners are usually applied in premises of businesses that produce waste oil such as restaurants, which produce excess cooking oil. With an oil burner, such businesses get energy virtually for free, as the fuel […]

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How to Make Your Furnace Burn Less Oil

Oil heating systems have always been renowned for their durability when compared to natural gas, propane, electric and other heating systems. However, as any equipment they require frequent and scheduled maintenance to achieve a long lasting and reliable operation with high efficiency levels. Well-maintained furnace and other devices in your system will also help you […]

Heating and Cooling System Basics Every Homeowner Should Know

Technological advancement has brought us a fair choice of heating and cooling systems. Now we can choose among various fuels, heat delivery options, control devices and more. Here are the basics of heating and cooling systems every homeowner should know. Also learn about available heating fuels and their pros and cons.


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