Heating Oil Prices

Fuel Oil Delivery Cost Calculator for New York

How to use the fuel delivery cost calculator:

Enter the number of gallons you want to order and price per gallon, and then select your County/City from the dropdown menu to calculate your total with tax. If your county or city is not listed in the dropdown menu that means your locality’s tax rate is 0% […]

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Residential Tax Rates for heating oil, fuel oil, coal and wood in New York

The list below shows the jurisdictions that impose a local tax on residential sales of coal, fuel oil, and wood (for heating) in New York State, and the applicable tax rate. Localities or school districts not listed in this publication do not impose a local tax on these residential energy sources and services.

Allegany County: 4.5% Tax

Auburn […]

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Heating Oil Delivery Cost Calculator for Long Island, NY

Find out the total cost of your heating oil delivery, including tax:

Residential tax rates for coal, fuel oil, and wood: 

Fuel oil tax rate for Suffolk County NY: 2.5%

Fuel oil tax rate for Nassau County, NY: 0%

Fuel oil tax rate for New York City and five boroughs of New York: 4.5%


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Current Heating oil prices on Long Island, New York

To view all fuel oil prices and place an order please go to our homepage and enter your zipcode – you’ll be able to select your supplier and a delivery date.

Please select your town to view current heating oil prices in your area:

History of No. 2 Home Heating Oil Prices – residential price


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Average Home Heating Oil Prices on Long Island

Prices based on 100g COD (cash on delivery), credit card pricing is usually 5 to 10 cents more per gallon than cash pricing:

Why these prices differ from NYSERDA’s reported pricing? Read our post here.

2015 Average Heating Oil Prices

12/28/2015: $1.479/g
12/21/2015: $1.499/g
12/14/2015: $1.529/g
12/07/2015: $1.629/g
11/30/2015: $1.679/g
11/23/2015: $1.679/g
11/16/2015: $1.759/g
11/09/2015: $1.859/g
11/02/2015: $1.899/g
10/26/2015: $1.819/g
10/19/2015: $1.859/g
10/12/2015: $1.909/g
10/05/2015: $1.899/g
09/28/2015: $1.869/g
09/21/2015: […]

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Historical Oil Prices in the U.S

Heating oil prices get determined by the fuel terminals every business days at 6pm or by midnight after receiving the market prices, watching through commodity market.

Historical prices gets recorded by Governmental agencies and some associations, please check the date below provided from governmental agencies.

Historical heating oil Prices by State in dollars (Retail)

Years                     […]

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Today’s Heating Oil Price

To view today’s heating oil prices in your area please visit our homepage and enter your zipcode to view updated fuel oil prices.

Oil prices get determined daily by market players who are individuals, companies and financial institutions.  Demand of the heating oil decides the prices therefore prices go up during cold weather seasons. But also artificial demand […]

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