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Oil Heating System DIY Troubleshooting Tips

Issues with heating systems are reality, and most people having a heating system in their home experienced them at one time or another. However, many of these are just minor kinks that most of us can fix on our own, saving time and money. So, before you call a certified technician, make these important checks […]

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Radiator Vs. Forced Air – Which is Better for Home Heating?

When moving to a new home, one of the most important things to check is how the heat is delivered from the central unit to the rooms. There are two ways of transferring heat: by air and by water. Air is warmed up in central units called furnaces, and sent through ducts to room registers. […]

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Three Steps to DIY Heating System Testing

One of worst problems you can have with your heating system is need repair in the beginning of the heating season. If you detect serious issues in late October you may have problems with getting it back to operation in time for the heating season. Most heating professionals will be busy doing annual […]

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When is the best time to tune-up your furnace or boiler

Your furnace or boiler, just like any other technical device, needs to be properly maintained to provide you with reliable operation. For oil-fired furnace and boilers, annual tune-up is the most important maintenance task. As the name tells, this task is carried out once every year. Annual tune-up includes replacing consumable parts and adjusting it […]

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DIY Oil Filter Replacement – How to Replace an Oil Filter for Your Oil-Fired Furnace or Boiler

Oil filter is a very important part of your oil heat systems. It stops all particles that can be found in the oil, preventing the nozzle from clogging. These filters work almost the same as oil or gas filters in your car, which prevent the engine from damage due to impurities in the fuel. To […]

What you need to know before replacing your old oil burner

Oil heating systems can last very long. Quality systems with proper maintenance can last up to 20 years or more and it’s not uncommon to live up to 25 years. It is hard to estimate the exact life of your furnace, but there are some signs which can reveal that your furnace is “terminally ill” […]

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What is Oil Tank Sludge and How to Prevent It

Heating oil sludge is a common name for deposits of impurities found at the bottom of your oil tank. Hard to notice, as it lies deep in the oil tank, sludge represents a multitude of various impurity particles which came along with many deliveries of heating oil. Fuel oil is relatively lightweight and most impurities […]

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What’s a Waste Oil Burner and How to Use It

A waste oil burner is a type of heating system that turns used oil into thermal energy or heat. Waste oil burners are usually applied in premises of businesses that produce waste oil such as restaurants, which produce excess cooking oil. With an oil burner, such businesses get energy virtually for free, as the fuel […]

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How to Make Your Furnace Burn Less Oil

Oil heating systems have always been renowned for their durability when compared to natural gas, propane, electric and other heating systems. However, as any equipment they require frequent and scheduled maintenance to achieve a long lasting and reliable operation with high efficiency levels. Well-maintained furnace and other devices in your system will also help you […]

Oil Burner Prices – How much does an oil-fired furnace cost?

No matter what fuel you choose for heating, your system will have a burner or furnace as its core component. It is a device which releases heat from the fuel, and needs to be constructed in a way which does it on the most efficient way and there are many parts in it. This fact […]

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