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Heating and Cooling System Basics Every Homeowner Should Know

Technological advancement has brought us a fair choice of heating and cooling systems. Now we can choose among various fuels, heat delivery options, control devices and more. Here are the basics of heating and cooling systems every homeowner should know. Also learn about available heating fuels and their pros and cons.


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C.O.D. Fuel Oil or Delivery Contract – Pros and Cons

If your home is fuel oil heated, you should know that there are two options to pay for delivered fuel: Cash on Delivery (COD) or delivery contract. There are many types of contracts available. Some include “complete” solutions which may include maintenance and repair of your furnace when needed and automatic delivery where you basically receive oil […]

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How to prime your oil burner

Although it is highly recommended not to burn all of the oil in your tank and run out, many users forget to order oil until their tanks are almost empty. Even if you make timely orders, sometimes you may still run out of heating oil. When that happens, it’s highly likely that your oil lines […]

How to do basic do-it-yourself Oil Burner Service – DIY Burner Maintenance

Proper maintenance is a key to long life of your heating oil system. Properly maintained oil furnaces can last as long as 20 years without losing much of efficacy. To achieve this you will not need just regular checks and tune-ups by professionals. In order to prevent system failures and extend its life you should […]

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How to tell if you need burner service and how often should you service your oil burner

Oil heating systems are known for their durability. They can last more than a double longer than propane-run systems. It is not uncommon for oil furnaces and burners to last for 30 years. This can only be achieved through proper maintenance.

If you want to perform basic checks on your own you need to know basic […]

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Oil Burner Service and Burner Repair

Because of the tough winters on Long Island Oil burner service and repair is one of the costly home maintenance expenses for Long island home owners. Our technicians work closely with clients to do required services for your burner to eliminate costly repairs and save energy while operating your units with maximum efficiency.


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