Prices of home heating oil oil, as well as of crude oil in general, have been very low throughout 2015. However, there are some things which you can do on your own to save even more now, and once when oil prices start to recover from current lows.

Invest in good equipment and maintenance

oil prices patchogue ny 11772High efficiency oil furnaces and boilers have a sealed combustion chamber, allowing these to burn oil at 95% efficiency or more. Though these furnaces are more expensive than standard ones, you have to know that the cheaper oil furnace or boiler will use less than 80% of the fuel’s energy potential. In this sense, high efficiency furnace will pay back in few years, even assuming this very low oil heat price of today.

When you add the fact that properly maintained furnaces and boilers can last more than two decades, it’s clear that guying a high efficiency, sealed boiler or furnace will be one of the smartest investments in your life. All you need is to do regular maintenance, which include annual tune-ups (technically and financially very similar to annual car checks), and replacement of some really cheap parts such as the air filter that costs few bucks.

Buy high quality oil

Good oil can help you save money through being reliable and having additives which increase the efficiency of your system, extend the lifetime of its vital parts and prevent oil gelling (especially important if your oil tank is outdoor). This oil is just a bit pricier but is very clean, contains no particulates and no sludge on the tank bottom. Additionally, some suppliers may be dishonest and give you oil from the inventory bottom which contains more sludge. Since you can’t know about each new supplier you choose, the best way to prevent getting filthy bottom oil is ordering this high quality heating oil which can never have issues with particulates and sludge.

You can also order biofuel blends which act as lubricants to your heating oil system, which also extends the life of the equipment, heats up better and helps the environment through lower emissions.

Buy the cheapest oil always – cash on delivery (COD)

There are several ways to buy heating oil: cash on delivery (COD), delivery contract with maintenance, delivery contract without maintenance and hybrid. Even though each option has its pros and cons, COD oil will always have the lowest price, because you need to secure funds on the time of delivery. You can save even more by using oil price comparison websites such as, which can help you find the cheapest oil supplier in your area at any given time. Such a website will not only save you money, but also time, since you won’t need to call many suppliers around and ask each for the price and availability. This service is free and can help you get oil quickly in just few clicks.