If you are looking to lower your utility bills, then you should take a close look at at your heating oil provider. The price of heating oil, although somewhat erratic, has been steadily dropping since January 2010. There are many oil companies on Long Island that claim to offer the lowest heating oil prices, but it is wise for one to be wary. To avoid paying inordinately high prices, it is wise to look at the total packages that these companies are offering. For example, some companies will let you pay your heating bill in installments; this is may be good way to easily manage expenses.

Check out this video explaining how to find discount heating oil on Long Island:


1. Heating oil is clean- New oil furnaces burn cleaner than wood stoves, and gas and propane powered heating units.

2. Offers more value- Natural gas prices have been on the rise for the past two decades. Heating oil releases more energy and burns hotter than any other fuel choice used to heat the home.

3. Get peace of mind- Gas pipes often experience a loss of pressure or some other type of damage during severe winters. However, when you utilize oil as a heating fuel source, your fuel supply is always available, regardless of the weather conditions. An efficient heating system, coupled with the services of a reliable heating fuel supplier, will keep your home warm no matter how cold it gets.

4. Convenient and close by- A local supplier will best be able to service you quickly and they also offer extra services like cleaning, repair, and maintenance. Be sure to choose a reputable heating oil provider that values your business and goes above and beyond to service your needs.

5. Save money with a new furnace or boiler- Purchasing a new boiler or furnace will help you save up to 40% on fuel costs. Your newer, energy efficient model will pay for itself within, approximately, five years. This is especially essential right now because natural gas prices are spiking.

6. Safety- Heating oil isn’t combustible when it is being stored in its natural, liquid state. It doesn’t become heating fuel until it is vaporized. Before this happens, even a lit match dropped into the liquid heating oil will not pose a fire hazard. This is because, in order to ignite, heating oil must be heating above 140 degrees; which begins the vaporization process. Heating oil can be safely stored on your property until you are ready to use it.

Oil heating systems provide unbeatable comfort, safety, and value for those who utilize it to keep their homes warm during the cold New York winters. In this season, filled with freezing temperatures, heating oil acts as a security blanket keeping your home and family warm and comfortable.

Heating oil Taxes in Long Island

As we have almost in any items we buy, we do have sales tax applied to our home heating oil purchases

In Long Island which is 2.5%. Still better than 8.625% general sales tax.

Sample Home heating oil sales tax formula:

Assumed Home Heating Oil sales price per gallon:  $3.259

Quantity in Gallons:                                                                100

Total price without tax: `                                                   $325.09

Sales Tax at %2.5:                                                                 $8.1475

Total Home Heating Oil Invoice:                                      $334.04


Are home heating oil taxes too high in Long Island?

There are close to a dollar in state and federal taxes in Home Heating Oil we believe that there should be an incentive program as rebates paid back to low income families.