Years of experience in selling Home heating and being a home owner made us expert on knowing how to save energy during winter please read below and apply these steps in your own house to save up tp %20 cents saving meaning in today’s $3.50 a gallon average $0.70 saving per home heating oil gallon bought from the heating oil Company.

12 Tips for saving energy In Winter

1-      Have your Heating Oil Units serviced per year before the season

2-      Make sure your heat time is on proper cycles

3-      Use #2 Home Heating Oil

4-      Do Not Block radiators or Heating vents

5-      Keep curtains and blinds open during the day to get sun  in the house

6-      Install a programmable thermostat

7-      Insulate walls, floors and ceilings

8-      Properly Close windows and doors

9-      Weatherize windows by installing storm windows and glazing

10-   Change the furnace filter every other month

11-   Close the doors and vents in rooms not used

12-   Do not use your stove as heating source