Home Heating Oil Is Cheap

Oil heat price depends on the wholesale price of crude oil. Currently, crude prices are at a six years’ minimum or at least very close to it, which certainly drove oil heat prices down. Prices of natuiral gas have also dropped, but not to that extent as heating oil did. Also, you can always find a very good oil heat deal which lets you order oil at a price much lower than average, benefiting from huge competition on the retail oil heat market. You can even stock your oil off-season when prices are really low. This of course goes only if you opt for cash on delivery (COD) oil.

Once prices of heating oil goes up, so will prices of natural gas and other fuels. Remember that oil delivers more heat than the same amount of natural gas, so don’t just watch for the price per unit of fuel.

Heating Oil Is Extremly Safe

heating oil delivery long islandWhen you order home heating oil, it will be stored in the oil tank. Inside the tank, your oil is very safe and nothing bad can happen from it. It won’t evaporate, smell, explode nor catch fire. It’s actually very hard to burn the oil with flame, even if you spill it on the open fire. This is why oil burners need a nozzle to make a spray out of it, since only in the form of spray it can effectively burn up inside the combustion chamber.

The only problem you can have with heating oil regarding safety is leaks and spilling. If your tank is above the ground, you will be able to detech possible oil spills immediately. Fixing oil leaks and spills is not a complicated task and is not very expensive, and in most cases it’s due to lack of tank maintenance.

Heating Oil Can Be Renewable

Bioheat is a heating oil which contains a certain portion (5% to 20%) of biofuel. Biofuel is diesel or fuel oil extracted from oil rich cultivated crops. It’s a quite greasy matter, which helps better lubrication of your heating system extending its lifespan and produces less emissions.

It’s Not That Dirty

Modern heating oil contains little or no sulfur. Sulfur-free heating oil will release no sulfur dioxide to the atmosphere, and won’t contribute to the global warming. However, it still releases carbon monoxide, but if you have a high performance, sealed burner, maintain it properly and use high quality oil, these emissions will be rather low. Emissions from an oil burner are that low that if you’re concerned for the environment, you would contribute much more through leaving your car parked and using bicycle or public transport instead of driving.