In the modern world, most consumers strive to get complete and turnkey solutions, believing that this approach will save them time and in a long run, money. However, not all turnkey solutions are ideal for your budget. Some solutions would better be taken separately, as benefits are minute compared to what you may lose.

Service oil heat contracts have always been popular, as many consumers perceive them as some kind of warranty for proper operation of their heating system, but the actual value of such service contracts is typically very overpriced. Contract oil companies know that people perceive “bundled” service and heating oil delivery contracts as a good value for them, and often tend to increase oil prices or exclude some amenities. They also know that many people who opt for bundled contracts like that do that out of necessity – they are very busy and have no time to dedicate to choosing among services once their heating system breaks or fails.

Some full service companies may not have technicians who can understand your heating system very well. This especially goes for old systems. Even though you will most likely be covered and they will bear some of the cost of additional repairs, you will have to stay with them for the duration of the contract, unless you pay a hefty cancellation fee.

One more important thing to consider is that you will pay for contract oil in order to keep all warranties. Contract oil is usually much more expensive than cash on delivery (COD) oil – about $1 more per gallon. That means that if you get 150 gallons delivered, you’ll be paying about $150 more. It’s clear that you’ll be losing money anytime an oil delivery is made through a full service company. The only thing you get overall with the “bundled” fuel and service contract is the warranty.

If you opt for COD oil you can choose premium heating oil which has additives to protect your tank, burner, furnace, filters and other parts from gelling, clogging, corrosion and any other damage. This way you will have little risk of system failure, and even if that happens, you will be able to schedule an urgent repair which is cheaper than what you would spend if it happened during a heating season under contract. Annual tune-ups are also cheaper, and you can choose your own filters and other parts you consider the best for you and your system.

Today, it is very easy to get the required service with the use of the Internet and special heating oil price comparison services on the Web like A service like that allows you to get a deal for any kind of regular or urgent services. You can schedule an oil furnace or boiler annual tune-up, or an urgent repair with just few clicks. Same as with heating oil delivery, once you schedule an appointment, once you place an online order for any kind of service intervention, you will receive a call back from the repairmen to confirm the appointment.