As the warm part of the year approaches, it’s time to start thinking about our AC systems. Before putting these to work, you should first check your air conditioning system for five common issues which can be easily fixed if detected on time. offers ac tune-ups and repair, please contact us if you need air-conditioning service.

Problem #1 The AC won’t turn on

1. Check if the thermostat is put to run on “Cool” regime and make sure the temperature is set to lower than the current temperature in the room. Also check if remote control is working and if not, replace its batteries.
2. Check the circuit breaker. It can be popped or the fuse to which the AC power line is attached might be blown.
3. Check all switches that may be installed on that power line.

Problem #2 High humidity

Your AC needs to ensure low levels of environmental humidity. If you notice that air is more humid than it used to be before with the AC working, you first should make sure all windows and doors in your home are closed, and then see if your condensate drainage is working properly. Additionally, there may be other reasons which add to the humid environment of your home which excess dehumidifying power of the device. In these cases install an additional dehumidifier.

Problem #3 Weak cooling power

This may be due to many reasons. First, check if all your doors and windows are closed and check the thermostat setting. If it’s OK, next is checking the filters. Dust and other particles can clog air filters. These need to be cleared as often as possible. Same goes for condenser and evaporator.

If after all these measures your AC is still cooling the area too poorly, there is most likely little refrigerant. Check for possible refrigerant leaks.

If your air conditioner is running properly but the actual room temperature is still slightly higher than is set at the thermostat, this unit may be too small for the area you’re cooling. Consider buying a more powerful air conditioner.

Problem #4 Poor air flow

There are two things that can block air flow throughout the house. First, it may be filters which are clogged with impurities and should be cleaned or replaced. Second, you should check air registers for possible objects which can hinder the airflow. Things like furniture, carpet and similar may be located too close to the registers.

Problem #5 The condenser is cycling on and off

If you notice sounds of the condenser unit constantly turning on and off, this can be due to various reasons. First, check if there are plants and other objects blocking the condenser. Also, you should clean the evaporator.

The best way to avoid these small problem sis to perform annual tune-up. An annual tune-up may also prevent more serious failures of your air conditioner which will require expensive repairs, parts or even replacement of the entire air conditioner unit.