Smart thermostats are devices that help regulate the temperature, humidity, ionization and other features of our home air, and can be communicated with over the Internet, so once we are back from a long trip amidst a freezing weather we can get into a perfectly warm den.

Smart thermostats can be personalized to reflect our habits regarding heating, air quality and energy consumption. About 60% of household energy is consumed through central heating. There are special models of smart thermostats with a sophisticated software and sensor system enabling them to “learn” the way you use your heating and cooling equipment, and how you try to maintain comfort and save on energy expenses. Such systems can also be “trained” to keep up to date with current weather, and even to adjust its future settings in accordance with a weather forecast.

smart-thermostatSome popular programmable thermostat brands are Nest, Honeywell, Lux and Iris.

Another solution is a zoned thermostat system, which is a network of thermostats placed in different parts of your home. Zoned systems will make sure only the spaces you actually use will be properly heated, which can save you lots of energy. Combination of smart and zoned gives the best results and will give you exactly what you need from your heating and cooling system. Nothing more, nothing less, just the exact amount of energy and comfort you need.

A smart thermostat can replace an existing digital thermostat that’s already in your home. The manufacturer or vendor can give you information on how to install it, connect with your heating and cooling devices and to the Internet as a means of control. They can also give you advice on who can install your smart thermostat. If you’d like, you can hire a technician to do these tasks for you.

Once installed, smart thermostats will ask you to connect them to your mobile phone or tablet. To do so, you will need to download the thermostat’s mobile app to your phone or tablet. The apps can usually be found on your phone’s default application store.  Make sure the model of your choice has an app for your phone’s operating system. Once you download the app you simply follow set up instructions to make it connected to the thermostat over the Internet. By doing this, you make your phone a universal remote control for your heating and cooling needs.

Initial cost of a smart thermostat may be relatively high, but with proper use, programming and placement it can spare you excessive energy consumption and lower your energy expenses. Prices of thermostats will however fall in the future, and new thermostats will bring even more exciting and useful features.