How much does it cost to use

The service is absolutely free, just register for an account and you’ll be able to place orders whenever it’s convenient for you. There are no hidden fees or contracts of any kind.

Do I need to register to order from


Do I need to sign a contract to order from

We do offer contracts but this is not a requirement to use, you can order COD and decide when to order and how many gallons. was created to provide COD (cash on delivery) customers with an easy way to save money on your heating bills by providing discounted oil prices.

Why use offers a safe, easy and convenient way to place orders any time -24/7. We provide a secure way for you to place your heating oil order. Unlike other sites we do not collect and/or store credit card information, making it possible for hackers to steal your information. does not store any of your credit card information. This ensures that your credit card safety is 100% protected.

How often are prices updated on

Prices are updated daily, and in most cases – multiple times per day so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

What are the 2 different price sets per gallon?

One price set is for cash orders and the other one is for credit card orders. If you select cash for your delivery, please keep in mind that you need to be home on the day of delivery to pay the driver. If you select the credit card option you don’t need to wait for the driver or be home for the delivery.

How do I place an order?

Ordering with is easy – just go to the Order page, select the fuel type you’d like to order along with your zipcode and click Check Prices. You’ll be able to see discounted prices for your area – select the number of gallons and delivery date, and click Order. Complete the checkout process and you’re all set. We will receive a notification of your order and give you a call to confirm it.

What do I do if I need to cancel my order?

Please call us as soon as possible at 917-979-3835, and send an email so that we can process the cancellation for you. Cancellations need to be made 24 hours ahead of the scheduled delivery date.

If I select Cash as my payment method can I pay with a check or money order?

Unfortunately no, cash means cash only, no checks or money orders are accepted for cash orders.

What does COD heating oil mean?

COD heating oil refers to the ordering of fuel oil on per delivery basis. You can order from any heating oil company at any time you’d like, unlike with contracts where you’re obligated to order from one company at usually a locked-in price. COD deliveries allow you to be in charge of your own delivery orders – you choose when to order, how many gallons and from what fuel oil company.

Why do COD heating oil companies charge much less per gallon than companies with contracts?

COD deliveries are perfect for consumers who don’t want to be locked in a long-term contract with a single supplier – it offers flexibility and control over your own fuel oil deliveries.

On the other hand, companies that offer “free service” contracts to their customers need to include in the bill charges for repairs, service technicians, repair vehicles, burner parts and a bunch of other charges so they add these fees to your fuel oil price. And so if your burner is running fine and you don’t have issues with it, regrettably you’re paying for somebody else’s oil burner repairs.

What happens if I pay for a fill-up by credit card and my tank takes fewer gallons than what I paid for?

We will charge your credit card only for the number of gallons your tank actually takes.

Do I have to be home at the time my delivery is scheduled?

Only if you selected Cash as a payment method you need to be home at the time of delivery. If you paid by credit card, you don’t need to wait for the fuel truck.

How do I know what time my delivery is scheduled for?

We cannot give you exact time of delivery due to large volume. If paying with cash you need to be home on the day of delivery. For that reason we advise you to order by credit card if you cannot be home on the day of delivery. Please don’t call requesting delivery times as that only slows us down further.

What quality heating oil will I be getting when I order from

You will receive #2 heating oil from one of Long Island’s terminals. As a matter of fact, all fuel suppliers fill their trucks at the same places no matter how small or big a heating oil company is. So rest assured, you’re NOT getting inferior quality oil when you order on our website, you just get it at a better price!

How do I schedule a service call?

Please go to the Burner Service page and fill out the form. Select the day and time that works for you, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your preference.

I don’t know how much oil my tank can hold, so how do I measure its capacity?

Please refer to our guide on how to measure how much fuel oil you have in your tank. Most tanks are standard-sized and it’s almost certain an example of a tank like yours can be found in that chart. However, if your tank is underground, on your next delivery you should ask the driver to measure levels of oil before and after refilling so according to the change in oil level he can find out its actual capacity. Note that there are not much standard sizes for underground tanks and it’s easy to tell your tank’s volume from others.

Is oil heating safe?

Oil heating is the safest way to keep your home warm. Oil tanks are usually located away from any possible source of fire and is not pressurized nor gaseous, so leaking from is easy to notice and can’t put your life in danger.

I moved to a home which has an oil furnace or I am interested in buying one. How do I get oil?

You can either order an exact amount of oil. i.e. 100 gallons or the amount which fills the oil tank (provided that you know the tank capacity or dimensions). You can also request oil for an exact sum of money, such as $200. Know that the greater your order is, the lower is the price per gallon.

What are the annual costs of oil heating?

It depends on many factors, of which major are size and layout of your house, number of heated rooms, quality of thermal insulation, burner age and condition, weather and the average temperature you want to maintain.

Oil prices have decreased significantly so heating with oil or natural gas would cost about the same.

What would be my fuel consumption measured in gallons a day?

For an average size house you will need up to 4-5 gallons a day in the coldest days of December, January and February when temperatures remain below 30F. For an average winter day when average temperature is around 40F three gallons would be enough. Three coldest months will require 100-120 gallons each, while for November and March you will need about 80 gallons for both. October would take about 50 and April about 40. You can find out more about calculating fuel consumption here.

Can I burn diesel fuel in my heating oil furnace?

In short, yes. Fuel oil is no different from diesel, it is only dyed red for legal (tax) reasons, as you are prohibited from putting heating oil in diesel vehicle tanks.

Would use of a fireplace affect my heating expenses?

Yes, definitely. A large flame in your house would require much air. If your home is oil-heated the fireplace will mainly draw already heated air and outside cold air will find its way to break into the house through even the smallest leaks. This would require more heating and higher heating oil consumption. Wood may be cheaper, but this way you wouldn’t save at all.

Can I purchase heating oil anytime during the year?

Of course! Heating oil won’t lose any of its properties if you store it for months in your tank. You can save money by choosing the best time to order heating oil.

What’s the time when oil prices are lowest?

It was once quite easy to predict season impact on heating oil price, as it was the major contributor to its price, making oil prices lowest in the summer. Today heating oil prices are largely influenced by world prices of crude oil. If you have time and sense for commodity markets you can follow diesel and oil prices and some major global events which would influence its prices. Also, have in mind that heating oil prices are much more stable than prices of natural gas.

Is there a pilot light in the burner and can it wither?

No, there is no pilot light in an oil burner, as it doesn’t consume gas from any source. Oil burners initiate ignition with a high voltage electric spark.

Is heating oil a clean way to heat my home?

Modern refining processes are able to provide us with fuel oil which has very little Sulphur. Heating oil of today does not have a greater impact to environment than natural gas or propane.