Over the years, many people have switched from heating oil to natural gas or even electric heating due to believing in some common myths about oil heat. Today, we can clearly see that these myths have proven wrong and most of these claims have been debunked and proven erroneous.

Myth #1: Heating Oil is not economically viable

heating-oil-delivery-long-islandStories about oil heat being the most expensive way to heat your home have been around for decades. However, this claim was the most popular during the 1990s which saw the mass switching of households from heating oil to other fuels, despite the fact that oil prices throughout the most of that period were at historic low. Even during 2000s when crude oil prices exploded there were people who didn’t want to change their major source of heat. They knew oil is still among the cheapest ways to heat even when the price of crude oil exceeds $150 per gallon.

Whenever oil prices grow, other fossil fuels follow the trend. Another, even more important fact is that despite being cheaper, natural gas contains less energy than the same amount of fuel oil. If you use modern high efficiency, sealed oil burner or furnace you will clearly save more than anyone with natural gas.

Finally, when we speak about economic advantages of oil heat, it’s important to mention the lifecycle of the equipment. A ptoperly maintained oil furnace or boiler can last 20 years or more, which is double the life of natural gas heaters. Even the initial cost of oil heat equiplent is much lower than that of the gas powered heating equipment.

Myth #2: Heating Oil is Dirty

Let’s be frank: all fuels that need to be burned at a locale to heat it up, from coal, to natural gas and heating oil to biomass, release harmful emissions to the air. Though natural gas certainly releases less carbon monoxide, the difference between the emissions from it and from heating oil is much lower than most people believe. In fact, natural gas emits only 30% less carbon monoxide than heating oil for the same amount of heat delivered.
Modern day heating oil has near-zero amount of sulfur, so emissions of sulfur from oil furnaces are today nonexistent.

Myth #3: Oil is not a renewable fuel

Crude oil extracted from underground deposits, oil shale and below the ocean floor is clearly non renewable. However, a considerable portion of oil today is extracted from oil rich plants which are culttivated specially for that purpose. Oil rich crops can be grown every year and will give us oil in the centuries to come. The only major limitation to oil from plants is the lack of sufficient arable land, but if we reach the point where all motor vehicles and aircraft can run on other fuel sources, there should be fair enough biofuel from seeds to meet oil heat demand.

Myth #4: Oil equipment is harder for use than gas or electric furnaces

While it’s partially true, heating oil still doesn’t require you to be a strongman, skilled technician or engineer. There are some basic checks you need to perform on your own, such as determining the levels of oil in your tank or cleaning the filters. These things are done once every month throughout heating season and can take you up to few minutes. Speaking of the ease of use, good news is that smart thermostats can be used for oil heat as well, so you can have your heat fully under computer control.