Cash on Delivery (COD) is a heating oil delivery option where you pay for your order to the driver at the time of delivery. COD is one of the most cost-effective ways to buy home heating oil, as majority of oil suppliers will give you a great rate. The term “cash” here is relative, as you are not only limited to cash. You can also pay with a money order or a credit/debit card. COD oil simply means that you are not locked in a contract with any particular oil company and you can order whenever you need to and from whoever you’d like.

Some people avoid cash on delivery because with this option you need to take care of your own burner maintenance. Indeed, this option requires you to have some good budget management skills. Heating oil is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and you should always prioritize it. Your commitment to save money would then pay back through the discount oil suppliers offer.

With a price comparison website such as HeatingOilExpress, you can get the best rates and know what discounts are available for COD fuel oil among most suppliers serving Long Island.

C.O.D. Oil on Long Island, NY

cod oil long islandC.O.D. fuel oil works basically the same as putting fuel in your car. You can order any amount of oil you need, whenever you need and pay for it directly. However, there is a small difference as COD oil can be paid sometimes in advance and you can sometimes get even greater discounts for that.

There are no contracts for COD oil. You can change your supplier whenever you want, just like you can stop at another gas station when driving. However, unlike car fuel, you don’t depend only on suppliers who are along your driving route. You can choose among all suppliers on Long Island, and with HeatingOilExpress price comparison service you can always find the cheapest option and the best discount anytime.

On the website you can pick a fuel oil supplier from your area, specify the date, amount of oil to be delivered and your preferred payment method. You will receive a call from the supplier of your choice shortly afterwards to confirm delivery. All you have to do is confirm your order and arrange payment.

With COD oil delivery usually the customer must be at home at the time of delivery if paying cash unless other payment arrangements have been made.  Note that delivery times may often change due to various conditions such as inclement weather, busy schedule and icy roads, and it’s a problem which can’t be solved by suppliers. Your supplier may provide you with a timeframe for delivery but generally you should plan to be home on the day of your cod oil delivery.

You should also know how much oil can fit into your tank, and subtract all oil which is already in it, to make sure you didn’t order an amount that exceeds your tank capacity. There are several ways to measure oil levels in your tank, such as an oil gauge or a dipstick. You heating oil company can help you figure out how much your oil tank holds.