How long your heating oil would last depends on many conditions: size of your home, its layout, thermal insulation quality  and of course – weather which is highly unpredictable over a long period. Add to that the condition of your furnace, valves and other installations. Add to that that not everyone has the same perception of “warm” which further depends on every individual’s age, health and lifestyle.

You can find charts online that would help you make a better image on your heating oil consumption, but they just cover a couple of conditions mentioned above to influence how fast the oil is being consumed.

This chart estimates the number of heating oil gallons an average Long Island home would use at various temperatures in a 24-hour period.

Day’s Average Outside Temperature (in °F) Approximate Gallons used in 24 Hour Period
15 7.8 gallons
20 7 gallons
25 6.2 gallons
30 5.3 gallons
35 4.5 gallons
40 3.7 gallons
45 2.8 gallons
50 2 gallons

The average Long Island fuel oil-heated home uses between 500 and 600 gallons of heating oil per season.

In Long Island NY, the average winter temperature is around 35°F.  Through the winter months, this equals to about 550 gallons of heating oil.  However, every home is different – the age and condition of your furnace, size of your home, outside temperatures, number of residents, etc. will all affect how much oil you will use this winter.

Average monthly temperatures for Nassau County, Long Island, NY:
Weather is recorded at Nassau County’s Mineola, NY weather station.

January – 31.9 degrees Fahrenheit/-0.05 Celsius
February – 33.4 F./7 C.
March – 41.1 F./5.05 C.
April – 49.7 F./ 9.8 C.
May – 59.5 F./ 15.2 C.
June 68.7 F./20.3 C.
July – 74.2 F./23.4 C.
August – 72.8 F./22.6 C.
September – 65.5 F./18.6 C.
October – 55 F./12.7 C.
November – 46.2 F./7.8 C.
December 36.6 F./2.5 C.

Average monthly temperatures for Suffolk County, Long Island, NY:
Weather is recorded at Suffolk County’s Long Island MacArthur Airport, Islip, NY.

January – 30.9 degrees Fahrenheit/-0.6 C.
February – 32.4 F./0.2 C.
March – 39.8 F./4.3 C.
April – 49.1 F./9.5 C.
May – 52.2 F./11.2 C.
June 68.5 f./20.2 C.
July – 74.6 F./23.6 C.
August – 73.1 F./22.8 C.
September – 65.8 F./18.7 C.
October – 54.3 F./12.3 C.
November – 44.9 F./7.1 C.
December – 35.7 F./2 C.

You can also rely on your own experiences from previous heating seasons in either the same home or your old one. But what if you just moved to a new home which is your first to be oil heated and you don’t have any experiences with heating oil? And even if you have, you maybe have yet to familiarize with the local weather and its effects on heating fuels consumption?

automatic heating oil delivery long island ny

Automatic fuel oil delivery service

Maybe the best solution to track your consumption without worries and to make sure you always have enough oil is to use automatic heating oil delivery service on Long Island. Once you subscribe to an automatic delivery of heating oil, all relevant data on heating oil consumption are inserted in a computer software which tracks weather, usage history and your heating system condition. An automatic delivery service would schedule delivery when your tank  has between 25% and 30% of oil. This ways system damage due to very low levels of oil is prevented.

Automatic delivery service is highly reliable. Oil tank gauges are often inaccurate, as their measurements depend on a floating device which is subject to getting stuck, and you wouldn’t notice it for long as it happened inside the always dark tank. And if you don’t have a gauge you would need to dip a long stick into your tank and make certain measurements, which many people would rather avoid.

Another great thing with automatic delivery is that delivery trucks are well-equipped to bring you the oil even during severe weather events such as snowstorms.

Automatic delivery guarantees that you will always have sufficient levels of heating oil in your tank. In case a software error or lack of service availability leaves  you short of oil, the automatic delivery service will cover you with free credit for future purchases. And it is way less possible than running out of oil due to gauge breakage, inaccurate measurement done with dipstick and calculations or wrong estimation of weather effects on oil consumption speed. provides a free automatic delivery service, ensuring you never run out of oil.

The best way to be highly confident on heating oil levels it’s best to combine automatic delivery with either gauge measurements or dipstick checks. that way possibility that you may run out of oil anytime is very close to zero. If you for some reason change your consumption patterns you should always notify your delivery service as they rely on old data, so with measuring on your own you should get more accurate data in such cases.