Thousands of New York residents struggle to make ends meet every month. Knowing that to fund heating is one of the major annual expenses all New York households have to think about, the state government offers several HEAP programs to assist those with financial difficulties with their huel oil needs or heating-related repairs.

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HEAP Regular Benefit is an assistance program for residents needing additional funds for their heating expenses once a year. Eligibility criteria for HEAP include household income and size, presence of members aged 0 to 6 or 60 and above, as well as primary energy source. Households who have heating oil, propane or kerosene as their primary source of heat can get $575 assistance if qualified, plus applicable add-ons depending on their situation. The program usually opens in mid-November and lasts through the season’s end.

HEAP provider long islandHEAP Emergency benefit cater to those experiencing a heat or heat related energy emergency. Requirements for this is having one quarter or less of oil tank full and less than $2000 of available household resources or $3000 if there are residents aged 60 or more, and income levels of $2,194 for the first member and $675 for each additional household member.

If your heating system is broken, or you need assistance for a regular annual tune-up, you should apply for the Heating Equipment Repair or Replacement Component. The maximum amount a household can receive is $6,500 so it can cover costs of replacing and installing a new heating system if all other options are exhausted. Once all HEAP eligibility criteria are met, estimated amount is paid directly to the equipment vendor after completion of all work, but it only applies to those who applied before the work has been carried out.

Besides heating, HEAP programs can also cover cooling expenses. Northeast’s summers are usually  very hot and dry. For many people with weather-related health issues, having an air conditioner is a must. The Cooling Assistance Program of HEAP will provide funds for purchase of air conditioners, primarily Energy Star rated window units. To apply for this program, besides other criteria, applicants must have a record of a medical condition which is exacerbated by excess heat. In cases when an air conditioner can’t be safely installed, a cooling fan will be provided. The maximum cost per unit should not exceed $800 including work.

To apply for all HEAP programs you need to be a US citizen or a qualified resident and file documents and income reports of all household members, heating energy requirements, download and print  the HEAP application form, will all required fields and sign it.  HEAP can take as long as 30 days before giving you a response to your application. If your needs are more urgent, i.e. if you experience a system breakage or run out of heating fuel oil you should call your Local Department of Social Services Office in your area.

For more information on HEAP benefits you can call 1-800-342-3009 or your local department of social services office.