automatic heating oil delivery long islandWe live in a time which is heavily influenced by technological advancement. This also goes for heating technologies. Today there is a great array of heating solutions for your home which consume various fuels. But this doesn’t mean that the latest is necessarily the best. Heating oil is often regarded as an obsolete, old-fashioned way of heating which doesn’t fit into a modern lifestyle. But is it really like that?

Today every one in ten American households use heating oil. Vast majority of households which rely on heating oil are concentrated in the Northeast. People who use heating oil did not yield to the gas hype and this explains why.

Heating oil is inexpensive – In most years since the beginning of the century the heating oil proved to be more cost-effective than gas. It is not only cheaper in terms of amount of heat you get for the same amount of money. Modern oil heating systems are able to burn it in a more efficient way than is the case with propane. Overall, a gallon of heating oil can deliver 140,000 BTUs of heat, while a gallon of natural gas delivers about 100,000 BTUs. This means that you will need 40% more gas to get the same amount of heat in your home.

Stable price – Price of heating oil does not depend on various external events, political, economic or weather-related, which is the case with gas. When a wave of severe cold weather hit North America in early March 2014, gas prices soared by 30% in a single week! Additionally, political events such as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine may have a great impact on future price of gas. Although America doesn’t rely on imports of natural gas, domestic market won’t be spared high prices in that case. On the other hand, heating oil is not a strategic commodity and its price is not easily affected by politics or sharp changes in supply and demand.

Long lasting equipment – Oil furnaces can last much longer than gas furnaces. While life expectancy of a gas furnace is 10 to 14 years, the oil furnace can serve you for 30 years. Of course, proper maintenance is essential. Combined with aforementioned higher cost efficiency of its fuel, oil furnace will take much less time to pay for itself. Also, oil-heat boilers will take less time to heat the same amount of water in comparison to gas or electric water heating.

Modern heating oil is clean – Technological advent did not just bring us new solutions with new fuels to heat our homes, it also made classical heating technologies and fuels cleaner and safer. Modern-day heating oil has fifteen times less sulfur, and today’s furnaces have very low emission.
Safety – Heating oil has always been a safer way to heat than natural gas. There is nothing that can explode such as a propane tank, as the oil itself is not explosive. Not to mention murderous gas leakages which are a leading cause of carbon monoxide related deaths.

Heating oil is a great choice for heating your home safely and efficiently.