Are you a new homeowner? If you answered yes, then chances are you may need to do some repairs, especially if moving into an older home. For most new homeowners, repairs are generally not something they have had to deal with.

Knowing when to hire a pro can save you money in the long run. The time to hire a plumber is when the issue is extensive and requires expertise to deal with, and when there’s a risk of doing more damage than good.

The following scenarios call for a professional help:Water Heater Repair

  • No hot water
  • Replacing a water heater
  • Low water pressure throughout the house
  • Frozen pipes
  • Sewer line backup
  • Extensive water line damage
  • Water heater replacement or installation

Trying to handle things like hot water repair without the assistance of a professional is a risky move that may cost a homeowner a lot of extra money. The best way to save money on a plumbing repair job is by acting quickly when an issue is discovered. Here are some of the situations that will usually require you to hire a plumbing professional.

The Clogged Drain Problem

The drains in a home are usually used on a daily basis. The only time most homeowners will notice their drains is when they refuse to empty properly. Most homeowners think getting an over the counter chemical is the best way to clear a clog, but this may not always be the case. These chemicals can kill the good bacteria in a sewer system, making it hard for it to function properly. Allowing professionals to handle it is the best way to fix the clog without causing additional issues.

Problems with the Water Heater

Getting a hot shower in the morning is something that most people do to wake up. If you get in the shower one morning to find that only cold water is coming out, there could be several different reasons for it. If your water heater uses fuel oil, check to see if you haven’t run out of oil – you’ll also have no heat in that case. Call for a heating oil delivery as soon as possible. The next thing to check is the pilot light – make sure it is still on, and if it’s not then follow the manufacturer’s instructions for how to re-light it. If there’s any faulty plumbing materials or installation, don’t take a chance with it – always call a professional plumber.

An Experienced Plumber Pays off in the End

Plumbing repairs should be handled by the right professionals in your area. Always make sure the company you hire is licensed and insured, and has good reviews and references. And remember, sometimes going for cheap ends up costing more in the end. As the saying goes, “If you can’t afford a professional, how can you afford an amateur?” If you need a larger project done such as equipment installation, you can schedule a few onsite estimates to help choose the best candidate for the job.