Prices based on 100g COD (cash on delivery), credit card pricing is usually 5 to 10 cents more per gallon than cash pricing:

Why these prices differ from NYSERDA’s reported pricing? Read our post here.

2015 Average Heating Oil Prices

12/28/2015: $1.479/g
12/21/2015: $1.499/g
12/14/2015: $1.529/g
12/07/2015: $1.629/g
11/30/2015: $1.679/g
11/23/2015: $1.679/g
11/16/2015: $1.759/g
11/09/2015: $1.859/g
11/02/2015: $1.899/g
10/26/2015: $1.819/g
10/19/2015: $1.859/g
10/12/2015: $1.909/g
10/05/2015: $1.899/g
09/28/2015: $1.869/g
09/21/2015: $1.909/g
09/14/2015: $1.919/g
09/07/2015: $1.959/g
08/31/2015: $1.959/g
08/24/2015: $1.899/g
08/17/2015: $1.939/g
08/10/2015: $1.959/g
08/03/2015: $2.009/g
07/27/2015: $2.039/g
07/20/2015: $2.069/g
07/13/2015: $2.219/g
07/06/2015: $2.219/g
06/29/2015: $2.279/g
06/22/2015: $2.309/g
06/15/2015: $2.329/g
06/08/2015: $2.319/g
06/01/2015: $2.399/g
05/25/2015: $2.399/g
05/18/2015: $2.409/g
05/11/2015: $2.349/g
05/04/2015: $2.379/g
04/27/2015: $2.319/g
04/20/2015: $2.309/g
04/13/2015: $2.259/g
04/06/2015: $2.219/g
03/30/2015: $2.209/g
03/23/2015: $2.259/g

Our prices are sourced from local Long Island heating oil companies.

Long Island has many heating oil companies offering services from Delivering heating oil to Burner repairs and installation. We work with quality family owned business to complete your deliveries and as well as getting higher standards services with low prices. We daily monitor Home heating Oil prices offered through our dealers to home owners.  Your orders are protected by us and always subject to higher satisfaction.

If you have been Using Home heating Oil Company and not locked in to any contracts you can use our services to get discount fuel oil in some New York towns and Long Island.

Also in order to get low prices you need stay away from contracts offered by Heating Oil Companies where you are locked to one price which in most cases are higher than Average Home Heating Oil Prices.  To give you the same service we also offer contracts where your burners and boilers get serviced 24/7 without locking you in any heating Oil Contract.

Also see Historical Heating oil prices

Which towns in Long Island have higher Home Heating Oil Prices?biodiesel-suffolk-county-ny

Some towns in Long Island have higher Home heating Oil Prices than other towns because of their distance to Fuel terminals and lack of competition. As you see one of the factor that Home Heating Oil Company is charging you more is the distance, we suggest you order in large quantities before the winter when prices are low to save money on fuel oil.

Which towns in Long Island have lower Home heating Oil Prices?

The towns which are close to Fuel Terminals are usually getting lower Home Heating Oil Prices; also if multiple Home heating Oil Companies serve the same area you can even get lower prices due to competition.

How do I make sure that I am not getting ripped off by Home Heating Oil Delivery Companies?

Before you need a new Home Heating Oil delivery Visit our site at,  enter your zipcode and you will see all prices offered by the oil suppliers. Simple. Try using cash which will save you additional 10 cents per gallon.

Is Long island average Home heating Oil prices higher that some other areas in New York?

This depends on many factors to determine if Long Island has better prices on Home Heating oil than other towns in New York. According to NYSERDA Long Island does have higher oil rpices than other areas in New York State, however NYSERDA’s oil prices are not very accurate.

I always order bulk because I own an apartment complex in New York City! How can I get better prices on my bulk orders?

Before you shop around please email us with your order details address, quantity and payment type. We will negotiate with our distributors in order to get the best prices for you.

Some Sample Home Heating Oil Prices by Towns in Long Island based for 200 Gallons COD in 2015:

Babylon $2.179

Riverhead $2.179

Islip    $2.239

Ronkonkoma    $2.239

Huntington   $2.259

Centereach $2.239

Oakdale $2.239

Medford $2.239

Hempstead   $2.379

Merrick $2.379

Melville   $2.379

Southold $2.379

Southampton   $2.439

Westhampton $2.439

Ridge $2.239

Islip    $2.179

Wading River $2.239

Manorville $2.239

Mastic $2.239

Shirley $2.239

Patchogue $2.239

Brentwood $2.269

Bay Shore $2.269

Hicksville $2.379

Massapequa   $2.379