The Heating oil market is highly competitive. There are many suppliers on Long Island and most of them have different prices at a time. Abundance of companies can, however, make your journey to the lowest heating oil quote really long. You can immediately resort to Google and put the exact keywords, but returned results won’t be orderly, and will often put on top companies which are into heating oil as sellers of furnaces and burners or repair services, but don’t sell the oil itself, other search results may show still active websites of companies that aren’t around anymore.  You will spend much time to extract good goals from all pages Google found for you. We should say that in this case Google isn’t really your friend.

How-to-find-lowest-heating-oil-prices-long-islandYellow pages – that huge book, or its website, will definitely provide you with an orderly and more up-to-date list of heating oil companies in your area. But you will find a lot of phone numbers which need to be called. The result would definitely be time-consuming. Yellow pages are friendlier than Google but won’t save you much time, and particularly money.

Recommendation from a friend? It may be useful but just because someone found the cheapest supplier on Long Island from the last week doesn’t mean that they still are the cheapest. Companies do all to fight their competition, and change prices many times every day. That is why you need to keep track of current prices to get the best deal.

Google searches, yellow pages and talking to your friends can all work. But there’s a better way!

Comparing heating oil prices on Long Island is a website which provides you with daily price comparison of heating  oil prices from many local suppliers on Long Island. Using it you can get the lowest quote of the day in less than a minute, and you won’t need to make any calls. Once you find your suppliers and specify your order with location, amount of fuel, delivery time and payment method the company of your choice will give you a call to confirm delivery appointment.

Heating oil price is not the only thing that matters here. Location and availability also matter. will find you the best companies assuming your location and urgency  of appointment. This way you will be spared risk of late delivery or unexpectedly high delivery prices, beside the heating oil price itself. All you need to enter is just your zip code. The website’s service covers all of Long Island neighborhoods.

This way you save both your time and money. membership is free for everyone. You can also schedule an oil burner service to prepare your heating system for the next heating season.