Finding the right heating oil company on Long Island, NY to heat up your home is a very important step in assuring that your home will remain warm during the entire winter. The first thing someone would try to use for this is Google. By entering simple keywords such as “heating oil companies long island” or similar Google will return lots of results. This is a good way to find all companies, but it won’t give you an image on their services, pricing and overall quality.

Some companies would offer only heating oil, while some of them would contrary provide just equipment and maintenance. It is the best to find a company which provides both the equipment and the fuel, offering also some advanced services such as automatic delivery.

Benefit from an integrated service would be great: the service will have all data related to your system and your heating needs, oil consumption habits and  other relevant data. Oil deliveries would align to that and you can quit thinking about when you need to change the oil or do regular maintenance checks of your oil furnace or burner. However, keep in mind that such services come at a significantly higher price than cod (cash on delivery) heating oil.

Finding the best fuel oil suppliers on Long Island and Queens

Heating oil has always been a popular way of warming homes on Long Island. The population of the area is rising, with most of newcomers arriving from New York City and other places where natural gas is a dominant way of heating, so it’s highly likely that you’re not familiar with heating oil. This is why an integrated service which offers both the equipment with maintenance and the fuel oil would be the best for you – as they would act as your heating consultants.

If you just moved into a new house and found a used furnace with heating oil burner you should need to check its actual state. This is why you should schedule a burner service appointment which would make sure your system is well prepared for the upcoming heating season.

Once you prepare your heating system you will obviously need to get fuel oil. Heating oil prices may vary according to your exact location on Long Island, fuel availability among many local suppliers, demand – which is mainly influenced by season or current weather, and  some other factors.

You may sit down and try to call all heating oil suppliers on Long Island, but that wouldn’t be very time-efficient. And as prices of fuel often may vary, you would have to do this research anytime you need to buy more oil.

The best solution for this is a Web service which connects most heating oil suppliers  on Long Island and lets you compare their prices at any given time. A website which will also let you appoint heating oil delivery where you should specify delivery date, amount of heating oil to be delivered and your payment method – credit card or cash. To compare home heating oil prices on Long Island please visit – you’ll find multiple local suppliers serving your area at great prices. You won’t need to make any calls. Once you register and place an order for cod fuel oil, you will receive a call to confirm the appointment.