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Slomin’s is a heating oil delivery company which points out their long history. Unlike most other oil heat deliveries, Slomin’s is a diversified home-related services provider, and heating oil is just one part of their business. Their website is full of explainations how great their oil heat delivery is, emphasizing contract oil services and automatic delivery, which they say is highly efficient and reliable.

Having a multi-purpose company as your oil delivery can be beneficial: they can also fix other things in your home, and perhaps, have a service contract for various other things, besides the heating system. This is particularily good for busy people who don’t have much time to find and try different maintenance and repair services for each appliance and device in their homes.

Service Contract Pricing

Slomin’s pricing for heating oil is about $1 more per gallon than COD companies so expect to pay about $100 more for a delivery of 100 gallons of oil with Slomin’s.  If you use about 600-700 gallons of oil per year – that’s what the average household on Long Island uses, you will pay between $500-$800 more per year as a Slomin’s contract customer compared to buying from a C.O.D. supplier.

Problems with Service Apointments

The reviews unveil a disturbing story about the heating oil delivery department of Slomin’s. There are many accusations about lack of professionalism from the staff. A great majority of complaints found at online reviewing websites such as Yelp and Consumer Affairs claim weak scheduling of service appointments.

One of reviewers says that they were calling and trying to reach Slomin’s. Unfortunately, according to the review, customer service didn’t respond. This customer quickly realized that the same support line is used for urgent calls when one has a service contract – so once your system breaks, you won’t be able to reach these.

Issues with contracts

Even those who have had a service or delivery contract with Slomin’s complain about lack of professionalism and respect to their time. Many accounts claim that, although they give huge timeframes of arrival when oil is needed, the Slomin’s staff even fails to meet these timeframes. Customer service seems to be a real weakness of this company, as one reviewer criticized it although his overall impression about the company and the services provided to them were satisfactory.

Slomin’s managers also know to use their long experience in business to justify their pricing. Many reviews claim that they were choosing them because of the high price expecting premium service in return. However, the number of complaints online, compared with those who praise them, looks worrying and can be considered a clear warning sign.

Issues with heating oil deliveries

This is not the end of reasons why people complain about Slomin’s. This company is said to lose track of their customers, which includes details of their contracts, amounts of oil delivered (they usually deliver more than the buyer expects, forcing them to spend more), or mess up the contract type (one citizen claims she was offered to get frequent deliveries of 100 gallons of oil every time, but the next day they showed up with 170, explaining that she is listed on automatic delivery program).

On top of all is long-run postponing of tune-up and other service tasks to eternity. When you’re on contract, this is clearly an illicit practice. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to sue companies who cheat them this way, or are simply too busy to read the entire contract before signing it. However, today you can use customer review online services to see which company is good and which is not, and according to these sources, Slomin’s belongs to the latter.