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To view all cod oil prices and place an order please go to our homepage and enter your zipcode – you’ll be able to choose your oil supplier and a delivery date that’s convenient for you.

Home heating oil prices are subject to continuous fluctuation. Oil prices may go up and down over the course of days or weeks. Prices also vary widely among suppliers. When your oil tank goes empty, you would normally call some suppliers you already know to ask for the price. Or send them emails with quote requests. But it’s hard to know whether one of them offers the lowest heating oil price in the entire Suffolk County.

If you resort to Google for more suppliers, you will get a large list of heating oil companies. If you put a key phrase “heating oil Suffolk County NY”, call heating oil company Suffolk CountyGoogle will return dozens of companies.   There are hundreds of heating oil companies serving Long Island.  If you collect phone numbers of all these, you’ll have a huge calling list, which would require a lot of your time.

One of the things Google can’t tell you is whether these Suffolk County heating oil companies are actually available to deliver your oil when you need it. Some of them may be currently unavailable, others may be too busy and all booked up for deliveries in the following days. If its mid-January and your tank is near-empty you won’t have time to wait for their services. And finally, Google can show you some former suppliers who left heating oil business, but their website is still around and ranked high by search engines, while some new suppliers have yet to show up on search engines, and it always takes time. Count on that there are also some suppliers which don’t maintain a website at all.

The conclusion is that searching on Google is difficul when you are in rush to get more fuel oil quickly, especially if you want to avoid very high prices. Same goes for telephone business directories like Yellow Pages, although their agents can be active in finding new suppliers and removing those who left the oil supplying business. Main purpose of these directories is to let you make more calls. Once you find the cheapest available supplier amongst all, you would have spent a lot of time and effort.

Finding the lowest cod fuel oil prices in Suffolk County NY

Now there is a universal solution – a heating oil price comparison web service which is 100% free and doesn’t require any phone calls. All you need to do is enter your zipcode and you can start comparing prices right away among oil companies of Islip, Riverhead, Medford, Ronkonkoma or any other Suffolk county neighborhood; pick the oil supplier with the best price and schedule a delivery appointment. You would be able to find which companies are readily available to deliver you oil as soon as possible.

Heatingoilexpress service also enables you to schedule a maintenance or repair task for your heating system. Frequent maintenance checks are a good investment which would pay itself through the long life of your heating system since a properly maintained oil furnace can last 15 years or more.