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Getting low-priced heating oil is often a time-consuming task. Finding a good supplier with high quality heating oil at a reasonable price, a supplier you can rely on can be daunting.

There are many suppliers in Stony Brook, NY and surrounding neighborhoods in Suffolk County. You will try to find them using Google, Yellow Pages, Yelp or Foursquare, but having a list of all suppliers from a database isn’t the way to go. Once you retrieve the list of all heating oil suppliers, you will need to contact each of them to:

(a) make sure they actually still operate and serve your neighborhood,
(b) ask them for the price and
(c) ask for availability

stony-brook-heating-oil-deliverySuppliers’ lists provided by various databases are often inaccurate and will return you many former and relocated businesses. Among those you manage to communicate with, you will often encounter issues: their inventory may be empty, their delivery truck might be broken, or there should be other limitations to their availability. Or they will simply sell it at prices so high that you don’t intend to pay.

Since heating oil is the leading home heating fuel in Stony Brook, NY, many people try to get into the business every year. You might be unaware of these suppliers, since they haven’t developed a website, and have yet to be reached by business directory companies. And these new heating oil suppliers can have good deals and high quality of oil. You probably wonder how do they run their delivery service if they don’t advertise.

Their secret is a heating oil price comparison website. Web sites like helps households who use heating oil, primarily cash on delivery (COD) heating oil, to reduce the related costs. Prices among suppliers fluctuate on a weekly, and often even daily basis. HeatingOilExpress is free for buyers and easy to use: all you need to do is to make an account and provide some details such as your exact location in Stony Brook, and once you set it up you can start comparing the prices immediately. By choosing cash on delivery (COD) as your heating oil procurement method, you already save much, but with, you can save even more. Once you choose a supplier, you will get instructions on how to order. You don’t have to call anyone. Instead, you will receive the call from the supplier of your choice to confirm the delivery. From then on, all thet you need to do is to secure funds for the oil before it arrives. You don’t just save money, you also save time. You can find the best supplier or deal from your home or work, desktop or mobile.

Besides ordering oil, will help you arrange a scheduled or maintenance task, such as tune-up, or arrange an urgent repair. This website also features a blog where you can find many useful tips on how to get the best from oil heat and your heating system, how to do proper maintenance and prevent problems, and how to weatherize your home.