Proper maintenance is a key to long life of your heating oil system. Properly maintained oil furnaces can last as long as 20 years without losing much of efficacy. To achieve this you will not need just regular checks and tune-ups by professionals. In order to prevent system failures and extend its life you should do some essential maintenance tasks on your own. Here is a list of things that you need to perform regularly for proper maintenance of your heating system. Note that all other checks require professional service which should be performed annually.

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  1. Clean and replace your oil burner filters and heat pumps frequently

During the cold season your oil burner works all day, every day. All that time it draws air from the environment which is needed for combustion. It has thus much more working hours than your car’s air filter which is replaced annually. It is the best to thoroughly clean your burner’s air filter and replace it three times a year. It would spare the burner nozzle and other fine parts in your system of damage from filth or lack of air due to clogged filters and make your home air cleaner and your home healthier. Filters are cheap and easy to replace on your own.

If you don’t clean or replace the air filter your system will lack air and attempt to take sufficient amount of air by faster fan rotation. This would increase your electricity bill and cause burner breakage.

  1. Clean your air registers, radiators or hot-water baseboard heaters

Also, you should make sure that your heat exchange devices are not covered with furniture or carpets.

  1. Use quality home heating oil

diy-oil-burner-serviceHeating oil, like most diesel fuels may contain soot or other filth. These particles may clog your filters, and can sometimes be so bad that they pass through your filter and slowly do damage to your burner. This is prevented by not just cleaning and replacing fuel filters, but also by burning quality heating oil. High quality heating oil contains little sulfur and is as environment-friendly as natural gas or propane. Benefits are lower fuel consumption and extended life of your heating system. You can find a reputable heating oil supplier such as Domino Fuel in your area by going to and searching for a heating oil company in your area.

Always fill your oil tank, and never allow to have low levels of oil in it, as it would then have high concentration of impurities which would further require more frequent filter replacements and shorten the burner’s life.

All these steps incur very little time and money. Heating systems are made with this in mind, so most maintenance tasks will not require engineering skills and all is done in few steps. You would need only a couple of hours a month and a few dollars for each filter. This takes substantially less than time and money than what is required to fix even the smallest breakage of your system.