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Petro Oil is one of the larger oil heat companies of Long Island. What they point out on their website is more than 100 years service in the oil heat and heating equipment maintenance business. Petro Home grew to a company which now runs many locations across the Northeast including several on Long Island alone.

Petro has an extensive heating oil distribution and service network. However, according to reviews online, Petro often has multiple issues and many of their existing as well as former buyers showed concern about how they operate.

Cancellation Fees

One of the most common complaints about Petro is about delivery contracts, their renewals and price hikes. Some of their customers claim that Petro often renews the contracts on their own, suddenly hikes all prices and changes other conditions for the buyers. One of them noted out that they suddenly accused him for withdrawing from the contract and required them to pay a cancellation fee, just because the winter that year was very mild and the oil consumption was far below their expectation. If you sign a contract and decide that you want to get out of it, be prepared to pay a hefty fee.

Quality of service

The most common complaint regarding Petro is alleged weak organization of deliveries. Most remarks on reviews online claim late delivery or no delivery at all, which comes from those who have contract delivery. It seems that they fail to fulfill customer expectations often.

Quality of oil

Petro claims that their heating oil is superior to the oil that cod suppliers sell. In fact, their oil is of the same quality as any other supplier who purchases oil from the terminal. By claiming that COD suppliers sell “bad quality” oil they are trying to justify the expensive price of about $1 more per gallon than COD suppliers. Consider the following – if you order 100 gallons of oil through Petro it would cost you about $100 more than if you order it from a COD company.

If you use about 600 gallons a year, that means you are paying about $600 more for oil. Do they provide $600 worth of service to you each year? If not, there’s no way this high cost can be justified, and you are unfortunately paying for someone else’s burner repairs.

Amongst contract delivery businesses, Petro keeps higher pricing claiming they are a premium provider. The high price may often mislead people believing they pay for high quality service, while in fact still people report issues, most of these including high expenses and accusations of being “stuck” without oil while on contract.

There are also good reviews, though outnumbered by bad ones. Most of the satisfied claim that they do receive a service quality which justifies every single penny, and point out years of satisfactory service and good response in various emergency situations, such as heating system failures among bitter cold waves.

Heating Oil Pricing

Petro’s pricing runs about $1 more per gallon than COD companies’ prices. One more warning sign about Petro is about their capped price contract. Some consumers claim that Petro keeps price of heating oil on the cap level even though prices remain much lower than when the contract is signed. This is an unfair practice, and whether it’s true or not, that’s one more reason why it’s better for you to use cash on delivery (COD) heating oil instead of contracts, especially these with price cap. Price cap is often modelled as a game which increases the supplier’s odds to win (in this case, “winning” consists of selling at above market prices).

Despite their years of long operation and being remembered even by the eldest members of the community, you can clearly see that they’re not among the top rated businesses, and we can’t recommend you to use Petro Oil Services.

It’s best to check oil prices in your town first before signing up for any contract and see how much you can save with COD oil on Long island.