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Heating Oil Buying Options

In this post we’ll review all the different heating oil buying options including COD oil delivery, automatic delivery and contracts. Heating oil is delivered to customers by truck, which allows consumers to choose among several different ways to order and pay for it. There are three main ways to get home heating oil: will-call cash on […]

How to Make Your Furnace Burn Less Oil

Oil heating systems have always been renowned for their durability when compared to natural gas, propane, electric and other heating systems. However, as any equipment they require frequent and scheduled maintenance to achieve a long lasting and reliable operation with high efficiency levels. Well-maintained furnace and other devices in your system will also help you […]

Oil Burner Prices – How much does an oil-fired furnace cost?

No matter what fuel you choose for heating, your system will have a burner or furnace as its core component. It is a device which releases heat from the fuel, and needs to be constructed in a way which does it on the most efficient way and there are many parts in it. This fact […]

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How to prime your oil burner

Although it is highly recommended not to burn all of the oil in your tank and run out, many users forget to order oil until their tanks are almost empty. Even if you make timely orders, sometimes you may still run out of heating oil. When that happens, it’s highly likely that your oil lines […]